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Facility Inspections

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all facility inspections will be conducted remotely via GoToMeeting.

The College must inspect all dental offices that apply for/hold a facility permit to ensure that the facility is in compliance with the College’s Standard of Practice.

Deficiencies noted during the inspection are posted on the Register. Deficiencies are removed from the Register once the College receives appropriate documentation indicating the deficiencies have been corrected.

How do remote inspections work?

When your facility is next in queue for inspection, one of the College’s inspectors will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for the remote video inspection. There are many inspections due this year, and we thank you in advance for your patience. Please do not contact the College to schedule your inspection. The inspector will send you a unique link to join the video meeting.

How to Join a Meeting

  1. You can use a Chrome browser to join online on your Windows, Mac, Linux or Google Chrome OS computer. No download is required with this option – you can get into a session quickly and easily, and join from almost any computer.


  1. Join on the go from your mobile phone or tablet using your iOS, Android or Windows Phone device. Downloading the mobile app is required with this option – you can join sessions on the go with one click, and present content using a virtual whiteboard (iPad only). Join meeting via iOS or Android.


  1. Join from software downloaded onto your Windows or Mac computer. Downloading the desktop app is required with this option – you can access the full suite of features and tools, and use the full Control Panel to facilitate meetings. Note that this option is available on paid subscription plans only.

For more information on How to Join a Meeting, please visit

Tip: Are you an attendee just trying to prepare for your first GoToMeeting ahead of time? Visit the Get Ready page or Embark training page. You can also find self-paced training here:

You can check if your system supports GoToMeeting here:

Sample Sedation/GA Records

The College has created sample sedation records which contain all required documentation.

If you provide minimal sedation, it is strongly recommended that your documentation is consistent with the Sample Oral Moderate Sedation Record.

Submitting my Sedation Records to the RCDSO

If the College requests sedation records from you, they must be submitted via email according to RCDSO criteria. 

Drug Register

Dentists must maintain a drug register to record and account for all narcotics, controlled drugs and targeted substances that are kept on-site. Keep it in a secure area in the office, preferably with the drugs, and reconcile it on a routine basis, depending on the nature of the practice and reasonable clinical judgement.

Whenever drugs in the above-mentioned classes are used or dispensed, a record containing the name of the patient, the quantity used or dispensed, and the date should be entered in the register for each drug. Each entry should be initialed or attributable to the person who made the entry. Record this same information in the patient record, along with any instructions for use.

Questions about the inspection process or training/qualifications?

Dr. Sangeeta Patodia

Manager, Facility Inspection Program
416-961-6555 ext 4309