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Frequently Asked Questions - Prescribing and Dispensing Drugs

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    Do dentists have the authority to prescribe any drug for any individual? Can dentists prescribe for themselves or friends or family members? Can dentists employ drugs to induce sedation or general anesthesia? What information must be included with a prescription? What are the acceptable forms of patient ID? What are the rules concerning repeat/refill prescriptions? Can dental office staff call in a verbal prescription for a patient on behalf of a dentist? Can a prescription written by a dentist in Ontario be filled outside of Ontario? Do dentists need to document prescriptions in patient records? Can dentists order drugs for in-office use? Can dentists dispense drugs from in-office supplies to patients for use at home? Do dentists need to keep a register for in-office supplies of drugs? What is the proper way to store drugs in a dental office? Why should dentists be cautious about prescribing opioids and other monitored drugs? If opioids from a dentist’s office supply are expired or unusable, can the dentist destroy them? Do dentists have to request permission for the destruction of benzodiazepines and other targeted substances? How should dentists destroy expired or unusable controlled substances? What should a dentist do if controlled substances, including opioids and other narcotics from their office supply has been lost or stolen? How can dentists minimize the risk of forged/fraudulent prescriptions?