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Checklist of Requirements for Dental CT Scanner Facility Permit

Review this checklist of requirements for detailed information about the application, approval and inspection process for dental CT scanners for facility permit applications received prior to October 31, 2020.

Apply to the College

  1. Complete the dental CT scanner facility permit application form. If you haven’t registered your training or qualifications to prescribe, order, take, interpret and report dental CT scans, you need to complete and submit a prescribing dentist registration form.
  2. Submit the completed application form and fee to the College by email to
  3. After we review your application and approve it, you will be issued an application approval letter.

Apply to the Ministry

  1. Submit a copy of your application approval letter to the X-Ray Inspection Service (XRIS) as part of your Ministry application form to install and operate a dental CT scanner.

Provisional facility permit issuance process

  1. Provide us with a copy of your letter of approval (including schematic plan) and letter of designation issued by the Ministry by email to
  2. The College will issue you a provisional facility permit (valid for six months).
  3. The dental CT scanner must pass all acceptance tests at time of installation.
  4. All dentists authorized to prescribe, order and take dental CT scans at the facility have received appropriate on-site training in the safe operation of the dental CT scanner installed at your facility.

Requirements for inspection and annual facility permit

  1. Submit written confirmation from the manufacturer stating:
    • the date of installation.
    • that the dental CT scanner was new when installed in the facility.
    • that it was manufactured within twelve months of installation.
  1. Submit a copy of the:
    • acceptance test report conducted at the time of installation.
    • training verification document issued by the on-site trainer for the dentists authorized to prescribe, order, and take dental CT scans in the safe operation of the equipment installed at your facility.
  1. Submit letters confirming that:
    • you have instituted and documented a quality assurance program that complies with the College’s Standard of Practice.
    • the dental CT scanner has been used to assist in the treatment of at least ten patients.
  1. Once we receive and approve all required documentation, our field inspector will contact you to arrange a convenient date and time for your facility inspection.
  2. Following successful completion of your facility inspection and confirmation that you are in compliance with the Standard of Practice, we will issue you an annual facility permit.
  3. All annual facility Permits expire October 31st. You’ll receive a renewal form before the expiration date.
  4. All facilities are re-inspected on a three-year staggered cycle.