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Section F: Communications Support

Media Relations

Positive relationships between the College and the news media are vital. The College has worked to develop relationships with key media across Ontario.

We have built an honest dialogue based on trust with members of the province’s media through our creativity, commitment and professionalism. For a regulatory college, we have a strong media profile that has resulted in a number of “good news” stories about how we put patients first by acting in the public interest.

Every media call is an opportunity to build a relationship, to share information and to promote the College’s point of view. On the flip side, every media call has risks with the potential to damage the reputation of the College.

That is why we have media policy that states:

  • The President and the Registrar are the official spokespersons for the College.
  • The Director of Communications is the initial point-of-contact for all media in their dealings with the College.
  • The Director of Communications is the College’s day-to-day spokesperson on routine matters.

All media calls and questions, formal or informal, that relate to College activities, programs or policies from any media outlet, traditional or digital, or any other official organization must be referred to the Director of Communications or Registrar before any response is made. This is standard practice for corporate media relations and reputation management. Experience has shown that it is the wisest approach to protecting the integrity and reputation of the College.


The website is the external face of the College. It highlights the latest announcements from the College, important reminders, calls to action, and acts as a hub of information on dentistry regulation in Ontario. Information is tailored to various audiences to educate, inform, provide useful resources and address questions. Digital news is available to dentists, patients and general members of the public through the site.

Our online register is a key component. Using the ‘Find a Dentist’ function, anyone that visits the site can access individual profiles for every registered dentist in Ontario. Each profile provides public information, mandated by the RHPA, on each dentist, including:

  • registration status
  • general, practice and registration information
  • academic history
  • information on pending, current or historical discipline results
  • outcomes of investigations where the result is a caution or a mandated remedial education program
  • criminal findings of guilt, criminal charges and bail conditions.

Some of the College’s registration and regulatory processes, such as applying for licensure and filing a complaint, can all be done via online forms.


The College sends out important news, reminders and calls to action to Ontario dentists via e-blasts. Digital news is also sent out once a month, featuring the latest articles, videos and other communication from the College.

RCDSO YouTube Channel

Our YouTube video channel showcases information on programs available to dentists and the public. Our videos include an introduction to the College and information about our complaints process, wellness program for dentists, our Professional Liability Program, appropriate patient boundaries, informed consent and more. The Communications department works to ensure videos are available for important topics coming out of the College. Our YouTube channel can be accessed through the homepage of the College’s website or go directly to and search for RCDSO.

Social Media

We are continuing to reach out to a broader audience using Twitter. We post regular updates on additions to our website and other news. Follow us: @rcdso_org