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Frequently Asked Questions - New Practice Setup and Changing Practice Locations

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    Do I need to have a practice name approved by the College? What are the requirements for working with amalgam in my practice? Are there any reporting requirements for dental offices that handle amalgam? Do I need to advise the College of my new practice location? How do I incorporate my new or existing dental practice? I want to install X-ray equipment in my practice. What should I know and who should I speak to? What is required to administer sedation/anesthesia in my practice? How do I ensure my professional advertising complies with RCDSO regulations? What is required to install and use a CT scanner in my practice? What information should I confirm when hiring dental personnel? What electronic record keeping guidelines should I follow? Are there other standards and guidelines I should be aware of? How do I submit insurance claims electronically? How do I securely share electronic personal health information? What infection prevention and control standards must I comply with? How can I prepare for a medical emergency? Do I have to keep a record of the controlled drugs dispensed in my office? Do all dental practices need a have a GST/HST number? Should I obtain office and personal insurance? How do I obtain malpractice insurance?