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Frequently Asked Questions - Dental Radiographs

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    Who can prescribe dental radiographs? Must dentists examine a patient before prescribing radiographs? What radiographs should dentists prescribe for new patients, as part of a comprehensive clinical examination? What radiographs should dentists prescribe for recall patients? Can a dentist provide a standing order for radiographs to be taken at recall appointments? Where can dentists find more information on dental radiology and radiation? What should a dentist do if a patient refuses radiographs? Who can take radiographs in a dental office? What is considered sufficient proof of qualifications for dental assistants to take radiographs in a dental office? What is a radiation protection officer? Can dental staff take radiographs without a dentist in the office? Is the use of radiation dosimeters mandatory? Are dentists required to register dental x-ray machines? What is the plan approval process for the installation of a new dental x-ray machine? Does the XRIS conduct office inspections? Are dentists required to perform photographic quality assurance tests? A patient has requested the transfer of their digital radiographs. How should they be transferred? Can a dentist send digital radiographic images by email? What if the patient consents or requests that the radiographs be sent by unencrypted e-mail? What are the recommended ways to transfer digital dental radiographs? Can Ontario dentists use dental CT scanners? Can staff members, such as dental hygienists or dental assistants, take dental CT scans on the prescription of a dentist?