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Frequently Asked Questions - Change of Practice Ownership and Retiring

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    I am planning on retiring. How do I let the College know? What should I do with my patients’ dental records when I sell my practice? What are my obligations if I decide to retain patient records after my practice closes? Am I required to obtain patients’ consent for storing their records in an area outside of the office? Can a purchasing dentist refuse to release patient records to another dentist? I want to sell my practice. What agreement do I need in place with the potential successor? Who is responsible for notifying the patients of a change in practice ownership? When a dentist dies, can family members act on behalf of the deceased dentist? Can the purchasing dentist continue to use the previous owner’s signs and stationery? Is a name change required when a dentistry professional corporation is purchased? Does the College have to be notified of the change in ownership of a dentistry corporation? What if a complaint or lawsuit is started after I sell my practice and transfer my patient records? How can dentists prevent patient dissatisfaction and ensure a smooth transition during a practice sale? What if there is ongoing or unfinished treatment by the previous owner? How should this be addressed? If the purchasing dentist decides that comprehensive new patient examinations are necessary for existing patients, can they charge for it? What happens if retreatment is required for work performed relatively recently by the selling dentist or the patient requires remedial treatment for an ongoing issue? What if there is a difference in practice philosophy between the selling and purchasing dentist? Does the dentist’s professional liability protection extend after retirement?