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Instructional Licence

To apply for an instructional certificate of registration (licence) you must submit a completed and notarized application form.

Please contact the College's Registration department at or 416-961-6555 to apply for an instructional licence. 

Required Fees

Applicant fees include a non-refundable application fee and a registration fee.  Payment must be received before the College can issue your licence.

Application Fee

Registration Fee

Total Fee




*All fees must be made in Canadian dollars.

 You can make your payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) or certified cheque made payable to The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.

Applicant requirements

  1. You have a university degree in dentistry that proves the successful completion of an education in dental studies of at least four years.
  3. You have a written offer to teach or conduct a course sponsored by faculty/school of dentistry at an Ontario university, public hospital or a by an organization approved by RCDSO’s Council to sponsor courses.
  5. You provide the College with an undertaking from another RCDSO registered dentist.
    1. The undertaking must be from another RCDSO registered dentist that holds a general, speciality or academic licence.
    3. In the undertaking, the other RCDSO registered dentist must agree to: 
      1. Accept the responsibility of being present while you (the applicant) practices dentistry in Ontario.
      2. Ensure that any necessary follow-up care following your (the applicant’s) treatment is provided to your patients, when required.
  6. If you are or were licensed as a dentist and practised dentistry in another jurisdiction in Canada or in another country, you are not or have not been disciplined, suspended, had your licence revoked or the subject of a finding of professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity.
  8. You are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have authorization under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to work in a health profession in Canada.
  10. Your full name on your application must match the name on your dental program degree. If not, provide certified copy of name change with application. 

  11. You have not been charged and/or convicted of a criminal offense in any Canadian or international jurisdiction.

Limitations of Instructional Licence

  • You may practice dentistry only as required to teach or conduct the course for which the licence was issued.
  • The licence may only be issued for courses that are 14 days or less.
  • The licence will have a specific expiry date, which is the day after the course is scheduled to end.
  • The licence automatically expires when the course ends.
  • You cannot charge a fee for any performed act within the scope of dentistry.


Read the Applicant FAQs.

All information is subject to change. Applications will be governed by the regulations, and College by-laws and policies in place at the time of submission. If there is any discrepancy information, the requirements stated in regulations shall prevail.

Source: The Regulated Health Professions Acts, 1991; Dentistry Act, 1991, Regulation 205/94: General