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Transparency Initiatives

As a health care regulator, there are many legal restrictions on the breadth and depth of information that we can share with dentists and with the public. However, we believe in an open and effective dialogue that focuses on a collaborative exchange of information and ideas.

Report on Transparency

The College's Report on Transparency describes how the College meets and exceeds best practices for transparency in all aspects of our mandate.

The College remains committed to a process of continual review and improvement. We will continue to see how we can expand and improve on our dedication to transparency in both principle and practice.

Transparency Principles

These transparency principles were developed in consultation with other regulatory colleges and guide our decision making in the public interest. 

Click here to review RCDSO's transparency principles.

Opening Up Our Consultation Process

Any member of the public can now get involved in our public consultations for proposed by-laws, standards, guidelines, etc. It is as easy as giving us your name and e-mail address. Anyone registered will automatically receive an e-mail when a new consultation is posted on our website.

Comments sent in will receive the same consideration as comments received from our members and the broader dental community.