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RCDSO By-laws

Our by-laws govern how the College operates. They outline how meetings are held, the committees we have, our code of conduct, how elections are held, and a great deal more. The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) gives our Council the power to enact by-laws.

Here’s how by-laws are made.

  • A new by-law (or changes to an existing by-law) is drafted by a College committee, depending on the subject.
  • The by-law is presented at a Council meeting. If approved it is sent to all Ontario dentists, other dental health care organizations and members of the public for review and feedback.
  • Feedback from the 60-day consultation is considered by the committee and, if needed, additional changes are made to the by-law.
  • The by-law returns to Council for final approval. 
  • When approved, the by-law comes into effect.

*You can see all of the College’s by-laws by clicking here.

On November 18, 2021, RCDSO Council approved amendments to by-law 10. This amended by-law is not in effect until January 2023, and is being posted for reference purposes only.