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Registration Committee

The Registration Committee reviews all applications for registration referred by the Registrar. The Registrar is required to refer an application if he/she has doubts that the applicant meets the legislated requirements, considers imposing terms, conditions, and limitations, or intends to refuse the application.

The Committee reviews applications for registration referred by the Registrar or where there are doubts that the applicant meets the registration requirements due to:

  • disciplinary action or breaches of the standard of practice in another jurisdiction;
  • physical medical issue, mental health issue, addiction issue;
  • illegal practice, i.e. practicing while not holding a certificate of registration issued by a Regulatory Body;
  • conviction of a criminal offence;
  • does not meet the requirements for registration as recorded in the Regulation;
  • guilt related to sexual abuse and/or harassment.

The Committee may register an applicant, refuse to issue a certificate of registration, impose examinations or impose terms, conditions and limitations. These actions are designed to protect the public.

The Committee provides each applicant with an opportunity to make written submissions prior to rendering its decision. In addition, it routinely offers applicants the opportunity to personally attend to make oral representations should he/she wish to do so. The Committee’s decisions are subject to review by the government-appointed Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (HPARB).

The Registration Committee is also responsible for setting registration policies, advising College Council on entry to practice and reinstatement requirements and on national issues related to registration.